Born from love between vine and mountain

Degli Azzoni Wines has been an advocate for a varying range of investments in Italy for a long time, and wanted to include Trentino in its portfolio: a region with a very strong and historic wine-making tradition. This ambitious project, in which we strongly believe, foresees promising development prospects. This is partly due to the favourable moment that sparkling wines are now experiencing, while a good share of the success of Trentodoc is undoubtedly linked to the high quality of the product, which is produced above all by small-medium production companies which have always cared and paid particular attention to production. The name of this traditional method, Cime di AltiliA, aims to recall the sky-highpeaks in which sparkling wine originates, as well as to convey the quality achieved.

LeVide is the name of the new s.r.l. [limited liability company] based in the municipality of Predaia; in the local dialect it means "the vines" and represents a word commonly used in the area, confirming the fact that wine growing here has a history that goes back a very long time. In the area's archaeological sites, the veneration the ancient inhabitants (the Raeti) had for wine as a protagonist in their religious rites is widely testified. From that point, the history of wine unfolded as a "guiding thread" of the valley's agricultural economy. Soil, climate, and exposure are ideal for growing the highest quality grapes; our oenologist Massimo Azzolini is at his best exercising the skills he has acquired over years and years of experience. He has poured all these skills into the bottles of our firstborn products, Cime di AltiliA Brut Millesimato 2015 and Brut Rosé.

Le Vide - Nato dall'amore tra la vite e la montagna

Whoever makes wine must definitely love it: because they must care for it, court it, live a relationship with it, one that could be easily compared to that of a love story. This is even more true for a traditional method; those producing it know that they must have the perseverance to follow a process that will be long, complex and almost intimate, that will take place in the emerald darkness of the bottle, in the cellar. An effervescent party ready to explode with our joy will age inside that glass.